Setting up multiple PC's & imac under 1 old pc


Nov 1, 2009
Ive recently upgraded and built my own PC........leaving my old Dell PC just sitting there....6 yrs old but very dependable
My girlfriend just bought the new 27" Imac
and between her and I we have a couple of laptops around the house.

My question is could i turn my old PC into a sort of Hub for all our other computers?
what i would like to acheive idealy at least is

1. Automatic scheduled backups of all computers or at the least my new PC and the New imac

2. A central group storage area & back up for both of our music, movie & picture files ( right now there independent on each of our computers)

3. A way to access the "hub" from say a PS3 inorder to play movies music & pictures on an hd tv

I know i will need to buy a new Hdd if not 2? not sure if win7 & mac can be backed up to the same drive & some sort of server like OS......

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