Setting up RAID1 on Gigabyte P35-DS3R


Aug 23, 2007
I am trying to set up RAID1 with two identical SATA drives. When I was in the Intel Matrix Storage Manager I chose Create RAID volume, named the volume and also selected the Raid level as RAID1 Mirror. Once I select Create volume it says ALL DATA ON SELECTED DISKS WILL BE LOST / Are you sure you want to create this volume

If I say yes to that message that pops up, will I lose all data on my drives? One thing that makes me question this is the fact that I never selected any disks becuase the "Select Disks..." portion is grayed out and disabled.

Thanks for the help!!


Oct 12, 2006
the select disks portion is grayed out because there are only two hard drives in the machine. it automatically selects those two. as for losing the data, i'm not entirely sure and will leave that for someone more knowledgeable. it seems as though there should be a way to do that from within windows so you don't lose your os and info on the primary disk. who knows? not me.