Setting up wireless router through another router


Dec 4, 2011
Hi Tom's
I have two routers:
-Linksys E2000

We recently purchased a house that has a basement, main floor and upper floor.
Our basement is equipped with a "smart box" which 4 Ethernet ports throughout the house have been routed to this box.
Our internet provider also installed the internet modem beside this "smart box".

One of the rooms on the main floor is converted into an office and I would like to have a wired printer onto the network in addition to a desktop computer.
Since there is only one Ethernet port in this room I was thinking to setup the ASUS router in this location. The office is in the center of the house and I think setting up the ASUS router in this location would be ideal to get the best wireless coverage.

Question: is it possible to setup the Linksys in the basement (no wireless) with all 4 Ethernet cables installed into it, then plug the ASUS router in the single Ethernet port in the office? Could I distribute internet from the ASUS router to the printer and desktop?

Thank you very much,


Yes, the ASUS needs an LAN port to LAN port attachment to the Linksys router (through the Ethernet cable that I assume is in your walls to the desired location). Then configure the ASUS as an AP (access point). Consult your manual for details, but the setting is in Advanced settings -> Administration -> Operation mode. Select AP Mode and click Apply.

You will need to give the ASUS a static address in BOTH the ASUS and the Linksys that is in the network range but outside the Linksys DHCP range (DHCP will be off in the ASUS). So for example if the Linksys gateway address is, make the ASUS and set the Linksys DHCP service to use and above.

If the Linksys does not use its wireless then just set your WPA2/AES security with a password in the ASUS (if the Linksys does have the wireless radio on, use all the same settings and SSID only change the radio channel to prevent interference).


Jan 24, 2013
If you can't get anything to work, I used DD-WRT on my two routers, a Linksys and a Netgear. I Installed the DD-WRT on the linksys and the netgear is wired.