Question Settings for ASUS VG258QR

Nov 20, 2018
Hello, I recently bought a new monitor, the ASUS VG258QR, I upgraded from an Acer 23,6" LED KA240HQ and I'm having problems with the color settings. So far, I've found nothing that even resembles my old set up, the ASUS' color settings are hurting my eyes a lot. The most noticeable difference being between these images: Here. (Apologizes for the crappy images, I had to use my phone.)

Basically, I want the settings on my ASUS to look almost (or preferably) exactly like my Acer. And I'd also like for the text to not blur when I scroll on ASUS.

My settings on Acer is:
Acer eColor Management: Standard
Blue Light Off
Brightness 100
Contrast 50
Colour Temp: Warm
6 axis hue: All colors on 50
6 axis saturate: all colors on 50

And in Nvidia's settings for the Acer screen is:
Brightness: 50
Contrast: 50
Gamma: 1.00
Digital vibrance: 50%
Hue: 0%

I'm not that good with tech, and google isn't showing me any solutions specifically for VG258QR, only other ASUS monitors that sadly doesn't help me. I don't know if this is possible, but if there is a possibility, then hopefully someone will have an answer. If you need more specific details, don't hesitate to ask.
Thank you for reading.
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