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Question Setup of 3Proxy on Raspberry Pi 4

Jun 20, 2020
Setup of https://github.com/z3APA3A/3proxy on Raspberry Pi 4
by manual: https://learnproxy.altervista.org/
could be helpful for someone who is also trying to setup 4G proxy

Hi there! :)

can I get some help with setup please? I am already torturing myself 5 days, doing research but I am stuck in place now.
First of all I still have closed port 3128 altought I talked with ISP and they gave me public IPv4 instead of IPv6 DS-lite and unblocked port for me.
I have done setup off port in Firewall (Both Windows and Compal modem/router), both TCP and UDP, both inbound and outbound.
Only way I managed to get opened port on myopenports.com was through Bittorent using port 3128 . (But I have to run Bittorent on background all the time)

I have got Huawei E3372 dongle and when I list USBs in Raspberry with "lsusb" I am getting 12d1:14db ID and mode. Do I need 1405 USB mode?

sudo make - gives me errors, not sure whether because of oddly opened port via Bittorent or USB mode or some different reason.

sudo make install - says No such file or directory for bin/* but also these files are not in github.com/z3apa3a/3proxy bin/ so I guess its fine.

sudo systemctl is-enabled 3proxy.service - also failing because There is not such a file

Thanks a lot for your time reading whole post, hopefuly someone will help 1 Rookie, trying to get it done.
Raspberry Pi 4 Model B rev 1.1 (2GB)
Huawei E3372
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