Question Sever stuttering in all online games, have done everything to fix including replacing PC's


Jun 22, 2016
I stutter in ALL games online, Nothing I do has fixed the issues, over 3 years of trying to play PC games.

The stutter represents frametime spikes not rubber banding but don't seem to happen in offline titles.

I have build my PC twice from the ground up and no matter what I do games like Rust stutter constantly. In fact any online game I play stutters all the way. People tell me they have no stutters on the same hardware. For example a new game Last oasis (when the server weren't down) I was playing with a group of 10+ people and they all said it was smooth. For me it stuttered horribly. It makes gaming so unenjoyable and frustrating.

Things I have done:

Upgraded GPU

2. Upgraded CPU

3. RAM

4. Installed numerous versions of windows cleanly with no other programs running than game testing. Over 20 Different windows installs

5. Used numerous SSSd's and HDD's.

6. DDU'd Numerous NVIDIA drivers.

7. Upgraded Router and changed ISP.

8. Tried advanced steps like disabling HPET ETC.

9. Limited FPS so not to CPU bottneck

10. Tried all setting low and high makes no difference

11. Tired a 4g connection from my mobile using a bought wifi adapter

Don't know what to do and at this point, all I want to do is play while everyone is home bound, but cant because of constant stuttering, getting really depressing and gaming is an outlet for me.

What's strange is that offline games seem fine. it's just online titles that lag and I have used a 4g connection to no avail.