[SOLVED] Several problems that no one can give me an answer to.Artifacts, random rebooting, mouse click may not register, PSU troubles

Aug 10, 2020
Hello, I hope you can help me answer these questions. Thank you in advance.P.S. sorry for my bad english. I hope you undertend me

Problems that have haunted me since buying a computer(old):
1)When my mouse has backlight turned on, sometimes the click may not register(Everything is fine on the other computer)
2)My microphone doesn't work fine(sound is distorted) for the first start my pc. After rebooting the microphone it works correctly((USB webcam microphone,))(Everything is fine on the other computer)
3)On my PSU, the line +5 V is down to 4.770 V. Could it be because of this?

The problems that I have encountered recently:
1)While cleaning my computer,I decided to purge my power supply(with the mouth), after that a sweet smell came out of it. It works, but the next day my computer rebooted unintentionally.After purging, I did not turn on the computer for 30 minutes

2)https://streamable.com/ju89t8 This artifact began to appear after transporting a computer or after overclocking a video card. I do not know exactly.I tried reinstalling windows and DDU.It did not help.And I have no artifacts in games or FurMark.

P.S.I overclocked the videocard safely to 1081-93(rare) mv 9400 memory clock 2060 gpu clock. Temp was 64

PC specs:
I5 6400 up to 4,5 ghz (old blck OC you may don't know about it)
gtx 1060 6gb
gigabyte gaming k3 z 170
2x8 gb RAM AMD R748G2400U2S 2400 (16-16-16-38 CR2)( i hate this RAM)
zalman zm600-tx 600w (and this one)
+12 V - 12.168 V
+5 V - 4.770 V
+3.3 V - 3.336 V