Question Several questions about GPU overclock

Sep 11, 2019
Hello, recently I decided to overclock my GPU GT 1030 OC Edition to reach 60 frames in a game, because it was my first time doing overclock I have several questions.

1: Use this configuration (pic related) in Aorus Engine, then click Apply and start playing, is there something wrong with this configuration? Should I increase the core voltage?

2: When I click Apply on Aorus Engine and then run a game, there are times when the screen turns black or the game crashes, it only happens the first time, if I open the game for the second time everything runs normal and Overclock took effect, is this normal?

3: When the GPU is in full load it reaches between 69-74 degrees of temperature (Overclocked), the strange thing is that the gpu reaches these temperatures also when it is without overclock, why does this happen? -This temperature shortens the useful life of my GPU?

4: Whenever I finish playing, I change in Aorus Engine to my profile 1 (default settings without overclock) then I click Apply and close (I do this to return normal values to the GPU), should I always do this when I finish? or just close the program and go?

Sorry to post so often in this forum, it is the first PC I built and the least I want is to damage it, I thank you very much for helping me in previous posts.


1)Did you work your way up to that, or was that profile copy-pasted?

2)Yes. Especially when the overclock isn't stable. Not 100% sure about this, but after the crash, the overclock profile was automatically reverted to the default settings, that's why it works the second time.

3)Because of a feature called Gpu Boost. The card overclocks, or boosts, on it's own as long as it remains relatively cool. The set temperature limit for the card is 84C, I think.

4)You can just close it... unless you've enabled an option to enable the overclock at startup - don't do that, though.

You're far from being able to damage it. The manufacturer's were very conservative with the voltage and temperature limits on these cards. There are few ways you could kill that card.



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