Question Severe frame drops on unfocused windows

Nov 9, 2020
Issue: The framerate, on literally anything that is not in focus is completely shot, down to what i would assume 3fps. Example: You have a youtube video in one window and reddit on another. Watching the youtube video is perfect quality, The moment you click onto reddit, the youtube video will drop to roughly 3fps and become a stuttery mess.

This is not true just for youtube video, the same happens if you are playing a game and click onto reddit for a moment the games FPS will become a slideshow.

PC specs:

MOBO: b500m Aorus pro

Processor: Ryzen 7-3700x

Memory:1x 32gb (XMP on, have tried turning this off)

OS: Win10 home (non-activated)

GPU: GTX1070

SSD: 1GB samsung SSD, forgot exact model.

I have tried:

-Disabling windows game mode

-Updating GPU drivers (latest nvidia drivers, updated yesterday)

-Reformatting the entire computer

-Turning XMP on/off

-Tested with chrome/mozilla/edge, issue still exists.

PC was built roughly a week ago, All of the PC parts are brand new besides the gtx1070 which i pulled out of my old pc - This issue was not occuring on the old pc. - I've also just looked at the performance tab on task manager and i can see my GPU usage is constantly at 100% with just youtube/chrome open - Most likely a faulty GPU? Strange though as many games can run at 1440p/60fps with no issues, it's just multitasking thats the issue.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!
Do you have the latest BIOS for motherboard?
Latest chipset drivers from AMD?
Latest Windows updates? I can see that they are not activated. This can be the issue, seen similar problems with not activated windows.
Try disabling hardware accelaration in Chrome or any other browser you use.