Question Severe hitching every 600ms after 2080 driver install?


Jul 9, 2019
TLDR - if i boot with no video drivers (the old SVGA compat mode) my windows 10 runs smoothly. As soon as i install video drivers for my 2080 the mouse develops a hitch approx every 600ms, and while flatscreen games seem not affected, all my VR games now seize up at what seems to be the same 600ms intervals.

Its a bummer - in the last 2 months i have spent endless hours getting my new G2 + generic WMR controllers working with Skyrim, Doom, Alex, Elite and more, and now its all broken...

Box is a r5 3600 / MSI x570 / 16gb @ 3600 / 2080

LatencyMon shows everything is fine. My SM Bios latency shows as 88 im guessing thats fine? If i check SM Bios with no video drivers it reads 1 !

This started happening after a bunch of ram swapping and overclocking, including an accidental boot up with infinty transport possibly set to 2Ghz resulting in hard locks. I have re written the bios with a new copy of the latest, and done lots of hardware swapping / reseating / virus checking / driver cleaner then reinstalling type stuff.
I have of course removed all overclocking and reset everything to defaults - seems to make no difference. Without video drivers loded there is no hitching, load known good drivers (466.11 or 466.27, both used to work), and now windows starts hitching and the mouse skips a bit about twice per second.

This symptom where booting with no video drivers results in no hitching, but installing known good video drivers causes the hitching to immediately start as soon as the drivers activate seems to me to really point to a video card issue, and i have heard stuff on the web about "2080 hitching syndrome" so i wonder if this is what i have.

The one flatscreen game i currently have installed ( Cyberpunk ) does not hitch. So something about direct x versions might be relevant?

I have not yet reinstalled the OS. I have a lot of audio plugins carefully tweaked, and a rebuild takes days. Not quite that desparate yet.

Apart from the mouse hitching, desktop apps all work 100%, including difficult stuff like audio recording 24/96 at 4ms round trip latency - perfectly stable.

any ideas? :)
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