Question Severe input lag with controller?


Oct 27, 2012
Hello o/

I use an Xbox One controller for gaming (it's more comfortable for me due to a disability), and I've run into some severe, but intermittent, input lag issues: buttons not registering, spinning/walking in place, all of it.
Sometimes it happens as soon as I start the game, sometimes it's 10 minutes in.

The game doesn't seem to matter, I've tried Cyberpunk (w/o steam), Assassins Creed Valhalla, god damn minecraft. My K/M do not have any issues, and the problem doesn't occur when playing wired. Only wireless.
I tried switching controllers with my roommate (same xbox model), and his did the same thing on my PC. I tried my controller on his PC, and it didn't seem to be an issue there.
I bought a wireless adapter, thinking it was my bluetooth card, however the issue is still present. It even occurs with a dualshock.
The dualshock has 0 issues with my ps4, which is placed just above my PC, so it doesn't seem to be a bluetooth interference issue.

My specs:
AMD Ryzen 3600
AMD RX 5700 XT
16gb RAM
MSI Tomahawk Max 450
Samsung 860 evo ssd and PNY CS3030 m.2 ssd
win 10 home x64
Dual monitors: ASUS VP249 (144hz via DP) and Acer H236HL (60hz viz hdmi)

Other things I've tried:
-Complete re-install of graphics drivers (problem occurred before latest drivers as well)
-Unplugging all other USBs
-Disabling Microsoft device Assoc. Root Enumerator (suggested elsewhere)
-Vsync on/off; different graphic settings; freesync on/off; high performance power modes; game modes for the monitors
-Using the 60hz monitor only

In another thread someone suggested running LatencyMon. I ran it with cyberpunk and the results were that the DirectX Graphics Kernel had a 28 ms execution and had double the DPC count of anything else.
I'll admit, I have no idea what that means.

I'm losing my mind over this issue, any suggestions are highly appreciated!!
Thank you :)