Question Severe Internet Problems


May 2, 2017
I am making this thread because I am trying to get some advice on what to do with my current internet. I live in a rural area and use a internet wireless that has speeds of 30mbps download, and somewhere around 15-30mbps upload. The download speeds are quite good to be honest far higher than I would expect for the speedtest speeds I actually get as I download at like 8-12megabytes compared to my speedtest which is like 25-30mbps so I should be downloading if im not mistaken at around 3.75megabytes. Anyways while playing games every 30 seconds or longer sometimes I get lag spikes where my character just freezes in place and doesn't update for sometimes 5-10 seconds and on world of warcraft my abilities are delayed by like 2 seconds on average. I found out that an issue with my internet is packet loss after playing call of duty cold war and noticing the packet loss thing would spike to 40-60% and then just dc me from the game. I have tried contacting isp about this problem after I tried replacing my router and they just keep throwing me the answer of no one else is having this issue or for me to wait for some new routing to be done that is supposed to enable fibre on the tower I am using and be much closer than the current tower. I am hoping this fixes the issue but I don't think it will personally. So my main question is how I am to convince my ISP that I am having the packet loss and ping spikes in a way where they will do anything about it as it is frustrating since we are paying 140$ a month for the service and I can't even play any game semi competitively. Sorry for the long paragraph but thanks for any replies in advance.

The worst part is sometimes the internet is completely fine and doesn't have any issues however this does not usually last long.
So I dealt with this issue once at an apartment complex. The problem was fixed only after about 2 years and only about 6 months before we moved out.

To get them to fix the problem I had to get data to the right person, which happened to be someone from the isp that was in the building one day that I bumped into and explained the packet loss issue. I emailed all my documentation to him and never heard back. The next time I saw him a year later was when they were doing some upgrades and he told me that my information has helped them pinpoint the issue and hence why they are doing all the upgrades. But this was a long and terrible process and frankly I was one month away from having a solution of beaming a cable modem connection from another building into my window to my office as a workaround.

The tools to get the information to give them were the freeola line test (not the speed test) and the thinkbroadband monitor, which very easily provides very detailed graphs (to the minute) of packet loss and keeps historical data which you can download and send to them. A new site called will also be valuable. Take screenshots of these tests, save the results, and have them well organized to show the story of packet loss as well as when you think it is occurring down to the day and time and how often. This type of information will really help them pinpoint where the issue lies. In short, do their job for them...

And then plan to wait for a long time for a fix to come if it does. If you have alternatives to your isp, like cellular, I would look into them as resources for when you want to game if they don't have an issue, and potentially switch over completely if that works. It also won't hurt to have multiple isps and use a multi-wan router to tie them all together. This will give you more bandwidth as well as some resilience from isp issues.