Severe lag when the second monitor IS NOT turned on

Aug 4, 2018
So working as a Sys Admin for 8 years this was enough to get me to create an account and ask a question...

***Quick background, Windows 7, Ryzen 7 1800X, 16GB RAM, Gigabyte AX370-Gaming K5-CF, 12TB of HDDs and a 1TB SSD, and RX580 Armor 8GB GPU***

So I have a super odd issue..... I have a simple dual monitor setup, Dell 23" monitors nothing fancy at all. If I shut my second monitor off, I get a 1 second long complete system lag/freeze consistently every 7-8 seconds on the dot. If i turn my second monitor on (literally just hit the power button), there is no lag and my computer runs everything fine as normal. Did simple checks, swapped cords and ports on monitors, still the same thing, even put an adapter on and tried a different port, its always a second monitor that needs to be attached.

Already reinstalled my AMD drivers, full wipe of the registry entries and everything, and still have an issue. Reinstalled Gigabyte MOBO software packages, updated all drivers, usual fixes for weird stuff, blah blah. Starting to think a hardware issue somewhere?

Has anyone else experienced this issue at all? First time running personal machine with AMD build and RX cards.
Have you tried disabling the second monitor in device manager and testing for lag on or off? It sounds a little like older IRQ conflict or hardware detection issues.

Don't disable the wrong one. In fact, create a restore point first. ;)