Severe networking issues, 100 KB/s expected 15 Mbps (Isolated to my pc) also bad ping


Jul 17, 2014
Hi, I've been experiencing some pretty terrible network issues in the past week or so. I've never had problems with my internet connection (besides occasional drops) for the past 1.5 years of owning my rig. I'm connected through wifi and my connection is almost always at 50% stability.

I've been getting 100 KB/s when I used to get 10 Mbps, I have done nothing out of the ordinary in the past month that could have triggered this.

I did a factory reset of my modem which did nothing, but when I did a system restore the problem was resolved for one day but then came back (my speed was back to my usual but came to the crawl of 100 KB/s as the day went on). My ping is also affected by this issue, while playing DOTA 2 I used to get 33 ms constant, but now I have 160ms constant.

Network Card: TL-WDN4800
Modem: Sagemcom 2864 (standard Bell Fibe modem)
Mobo: Asrock Extreme 4
OS: Windows 7
Anti Virus: Kaspersky 3.0 Pure
Let me know if you need any other specs.

Please help, I'm completely stumped. All I can think of is a bad Network card or a virus (although I have Kaspersky 3.0 pure installed so I doubt it.)

Update: speed is up to 5 Mbps 10 minutes after posting (on wireless), though I got 10 mbps after the system restore.

May try a wired connection, i'll edit later.
Do try a wired connection it will tell you very quickly if you have a wireless issue or if your pc or internet has some issue.

Problem with wireless is you do not have to do anything. One of your neighbors may have gotten a new router or just changed the channel and is now interfering.

Still you need to confirm where the issue is you can just as easily get issues with your internet because water or something got into the outdoor wires.