Question Severe Packet Loss

Aug 6, 2019
I've attached my PingPlotter graph here so you have an idea of what's going on. It's been almost a week now & I've had steady, severe packet loss each day, at every hour. It doesn't matter who is up in the house, how many devices are connected to the internet, it's there. I play a lot of online games (mostly LoL) & the ms is constantly at 150-200 with spikes ranging from 300-1kms, making it impossible to play. I also stream & haven't been able to do so at all. I know it's not a problem with my computer, because my sister tried playing from her laptop & it was also impossible for her. I know it's not the router because I connected my PC directly to the modem & it's still the same. So I call my ISP (I live in Puerto Rico so it's a company from over here) & they run some tests on their antennas & he tells me it's all good on their side & that I must be the one having issues. I explain all of this to them & in the end all they said they'd do was change my IP (static) to a dynamic one & that it should be fixed for sure. I'm still waiting on that but I have a hunch that won't fix it, although I'm not familiar at all with IP addresses, I just know the difference between these two but not how a dynamic one would fix my PL problem (I know lots of people with dynamic IPs since it's the one you usually get & they still get PL sometimes). So if it all fails, what's next? How can I make them look further into the matter & know that it's not on my end? I tried telling him about PingPlotter & he just said I shouldn't trust any type of program like that, only "cmd" in my PC but cmd shows me little to no PL when I run a ping -t test when clearly I have a huge problem going on. Thanks!
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