SH-22AB Failed?


Feb 11, 2012
My DVD drive was working fine when I first got the system a couple of weeks ago, but now all of a sudden my drive doesn't work. Its a SH-22AB. It opens and closes no problem, but won't recognize any discs. It shows up in the device manager as working properly, but doesn't even show up as a drive in windows explorer. I checked for a driver update, and I didn't even see a driver for windows 7. When a disc is inserted, it makes a a quiet and quick weird noise like a mechanical failure. I'm guessing I just need to go get a new drive, but I thought I'd post it here first to see if anyone else has heard of this. Any ideas besides get a better quality drive?


I usually go with LG or LiteOn drives, although they will fail occasionally too. You won't need a driver in Windows 7, and it does sound like your drive may have failed.

In Windows 7 you normally won't see the optical drives in Windows Explorer. Go to the start button and click on Computer to see all drives, even empty optical drives and empty virtual drives.