Shadow Of Mordor: Performance Testing And Benchmarks

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Mar 31, 2014
It's nice, for once, to see a game that doesn't particularly favour one brand of CPU or GPU over another. A slight advantage for AMD on the GPU side perhaps, but nothing extraordinary.


Oct 6, 2010
Poor Nvidia buyers.

The 760 was for some time a recommended card in its price bracket because of 7950 performance at a lower price and now it's slower than a 270X, which is a 7870.
Not to mention the 280/285 is usually same price or cheaper than the 760.



Nov 30, 2012
I have to say my experience with Textures has been the same as your testings. With my 7850 1GB they recommended Low Textures but I had minimal impacts when I Medium Textures. Additionally the game recommends Medium Textures for 2GB of VRAM but I was able to run High Textures on my 650M with minimal to no impacts (DDR3 version). By the looks it seems they really are conservative and everyone may be able to run one texture quality higher than the game recommends.
I wonder why the R7 250X was not tested at 1080p Medium. It did very well at 1080p Lowest, so it would have been nice to see if it was still playable at Medium. Would have been more useful to know whether it would run at 25 or 40 FPS than to know that the R9 285 runs at 93.7 FPS at those settings.


See, this is what game designers should be doing: designing games that can be visually appealing on a wide range of hardware, so that they can have the widest audience possible (& therefore make the company as much money as possible so that they can continue developing games).


Mar 3, 2013
The 290/x cards are so great for the money. I personally play at 1440p -4K on my 290 PCS+, the vRAM bandwidth is a really good boom to the performance. IT may not do it on ultra settings but the higher resolution makes up for a lot of that. I cant wait to see how Fiji does at qHD and UHD!! i love competition!!

I'm not. I'm in fact suggesting they test the same number of combinations, just using the R7 250X at 1080p Medium instead of the R9 285, which is overkill for that anyway. There is a lack of information for people with cards in the performance range of the R7 250X - can they play at 1080p Medium, or will they be stuck at lower settings?


Why'd Tom's drop the 780 and 780 ti from testing?

I get that Nvidia replaced those cards, but they were extremely popular and sold a lot (more the non-ti version, but still)!

The other 700-series cards are on there, and Tom's featured both the 780 cards in other reviews. For the many who own them, it would be helpful to see how the powerful 3GB cards perform, since all of the powerful cards on this review feature 4GB per chip.



Game performance analysis articles represent a massive undertaking in testing, and the 780/780 Ti are somewhat redundant when we know where their performance sits relative top the 970 and 980. We'd rather spend the effort on more resolutions and settings.




Yeah, I can tell you guys did a crap ton of work for this article, and omitting the 780 (ti) given the 980/970 makes sense for most games. My curiosity stemmed form the hype over this game being touted as a super-VRAM-hog; namely, does the game expose a drawback in 3GB as opposed to 4GB?

Just a thought.

You did sell me on the game, though. It looks like a great play.

Also, how did you get the 295x2 running on 650 watts? Pretty impressive if you stuck with the IN WIN GreenMe 650 650W for testing that card! I recall an earlier article showing that card popped the 860i you were using, though it might have just been that sample. Interesting stuff!
I've been wanting to play this game since it came out, but I'll wait for the inevitable GotY edition this fall where they include all the DLC too. I was also worried my 6870 wouldn't quite cope with it at medium settings, and it looks like I may be right on that.

Any plans for a follow up on this with the hi-res texture pack? I know you say it's a little overkill, but I'd like to see some screenshots of the difference, and also what the actual VRAM requirements usage is.


Jan 13, 2015
260X is catching the GTX660? There is something wrong in here. This card should be some frames behind the 750 ti and not the other way.

Just means the game favors AMD graphics cards a little. Differences like that from game to game are normal.



I mean, the game recommends a texture setting depending on your card's VRAM, the resolution, detail level, and other factors. So if you stick with it's recommendation you won't bump into a performance problem. If you choose to ignore it, you probably will.

That's my bad. The 295X2 was run on a second test system with an 850W PSU, I forgot to mention that.

"As you can see, the Lithtech engine doesn't appear limited by the processor it's run on, particularly when we emphasize graphics performance. "

So dont emphasize graphics performance so we can get a clear idea of what the CPU's are capable of? helpful for those wanting ultra high fps on high Hz monitors that may sacrifice image quality for FPS, or those who have beefy dual GPU rigs.

Also again, the arrows are blocking some of the gpu names on your slideshows.
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