Share WiFi connection (with proxy and OpenVPN) through secondary Wifi adapter

Oct 9, 2018
Hi all,

For some time now I am trying to to achieve what I will be describing to you next. I have a laptop with Windows 10 Pro that connects to a remote wifi access point using a USB Wifi adapter (TPLINK). However, in order to be able to access the internet through this connection, I need to setup a proxy in my web browser that requires authentication. For this, I use the OpenVPN client, with an account from, so I set the proxy information in the OpenVPN client and connect using the account. Everything works fine on the system up to this point. The antenna I mentioned before (TPLink), does not support the hosted network feature (found through "netsh wlan show drivers"). However I have a second USB Wifi card that supports it (ASUS USB N13). Is there any way to use that second wifi card (USBN13) to create a hotspot that will share the internet THROUGH the vpn connection so everyone who connects, will also be connected through my OpenVPN client ?