Question Share Windows 10 Shared Wi-Fi with LAN


Jun 15, 2022
I've got a laptop w/VPN software on it that I'm not Admin. It's capable of sharing WiFi and then I can connect from my other devices and access VPN resources. Problem is, my VPN laptop is now the Router/AP and its got a new SSID.

What my goal is to have the VPN resources available via the main SSID for entire LAN.

I've got a few routers w/ DD-WRT and a recently purchased router w/ OpenWRT.

I'm trying to figure out how to get the OpenWRT router to connect to the Laptop WiFi and then route only VPN required resources over the VPN/WiFi connection. So far, I've got OpenWRT to connect to the shared WiFi, but it's more like my router is a client then a router, I need to it now share/route traffic.

This VPN WiFi network will not always be available/on, so I'd like the network to handle that fact and basically just fail if requesting resources over VPN.

Not going to be easy it seems.

It has been a while since I played with a openwrt but you should be able to set it up as a router using the wifi for WAN. You should be able to use the actual wan port as a secondary wan to another ISP if that is your goal. You then to a point can control the routing. It is mostly going to be have to be lists of static routes since you do not have the ability to run a routing protocol.
Not sure how you can detect a network outage on a different device without a routing protocol. now if you mean the wifi goes away so the router know the connection it down you likely can put in another static route to dummy lan IP or if the router supports it a black hole ip so it discards the traffic.

You are likely going to have to use one of your other routers a a AP since when you use the wifi radios for WAN they generally can't be used on the LAN.

Be aware routers have tiny cpu and doing stuff like this is going to limit your speeds. If you have a fast internet connection of say over 300mbps you likely are going to have to use some kind of pc to do this.