Share Your PC Power Consumption

Got a Killawatt or similar meter ? Share your findings.
Obviously this is not the most precise way to determine power use, but without expensive equipment it's as close as most of us will get.
If you want to include a photo of the meter reading, be my guest, but it's pretty hard to capture a still shot of the max reading due to the constant fluctuations, guess we'll have to show some trust in each other.

My sig system ;

MB: Asus Rampage F
CPU: Q9650 @ 4.050GHz @ 1.294v ( cpu-z )
GPU: GTX260 (65nm c216 ) @ 686/1477/1101
RAM: 2x2g 1066 Dominators @ 2.1v
HD's: 2x 640 WD Caviar Black
Sound: SupremeFXII
Cooling: 2x 120mm Antec Tricools*, 1x 120mm Xigmatek HSF, 2x 120mm Lian Li stock, 2x 80mm Tricools*, 1x Antec SpotCool, 1x 70mm on NB , 1x Asus chipset fan. (* on front panel controller )
Lighting: 4x CCL's on front panel switches with thermal sensor
PSU: Antec TPN 750
Max Watts: 444 AC via Killawatt meter, running OCCT PSU test
PSU Efficiency: 86.31% typ. ( rounded down to simplify the math )
Total = 381.84 watts DC

Idle draw average is 158w AC , Sleep mode 6 watts AC
Average draw when gaming is around 285w AC , my EA430 could power this system, just haven't tried it due to the lack of an 8 pin power connector .

My bench system;

MB: Asus P5N-E SLI
CPU: E6850 @ 3.6 GHz 1.344v ( cpu-z )
GPU: GTX260 c192 @ 626/1055
Ram: 2x2 G Skill Pi Black 800 MHz 1.8v
HD's: 2 x 160gb WD Raid 0
Sound: SB Live
Cooling: Stock Intel cooler and 1 x 120 mm system fan ( .4a )
PSU: Gigabyte Odin GT 550 with Power Tuner software.
Max watts: 354 AC Killawatt meter, Orthos and Furmark stability test combined
PSU Efficiency: 84.86% typ. ( rounded up to simplify the math )
Total = 300.9 watts DC
Power Tuner shows a peak of 295 watts ( this was running in the backround during testing )


My EA430 has no problem running this system. ( old photo, show's Xig1284 and .76a Dell fan, both have been removed )


2x2Gb + 2x1GB Ram
22" HP monitor
19" AG Neovo
2x500Gb Wd
1x320Gb Seegate
2x30Gb SSD
2x optical drives
4x120mm fans (3 tricools and 1 silverstone)
seasonic S12-600
P180B case

With the PC off there is about 60W being drawn from the plug (switch, pico cell etc. )

Idle about 210W for the PC and two monitors and all USB peripherals, speakers etc (270W at plug taking into account 60W baseload)
Gaming abut 270W for the PC, monitors etc. (330W at plug taking into account 60W baseload)

I'm really quite impressed its that low, and there's naff all difference between off and standby. I'd suggest 20-30 (websites suggest 65w I don't believe it though) watts for each monitor, so maybe down to 150-170 for the PC at idle, 210-230W under load.

Enough power that I had to move it off of the circuit with the Microwave, Dishwasher, Washer/Dryer or risk tripping the breaker.

Not so much as to cause the lights to dim in a quarter mile radius around the house... ;)