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Question Shared GPU memory doubts

Oct 13, 2019
Hello ommunity, hope everyone is keeping safe in this weird times!

I have a question (forgive me if it's very noob)

I have a laptop i9 9900l, 64gb ram and RTX 2070. When runing Davinci Resolve I noticed the GPU shared memory is 6GB while the dedicated from the RTX is only 2GB (as shown in pictures)

My question is: Why does this happens? Is not suposed to give priority to the Dedicated memory instad of suckign more juice of the shared one?
Thanks in advance for reading! Hope you have a nice day!

Here is a link the the screen shoot (Sorry i couldnt figure out how to upload it here)



Ideally ram and vram is always full. There is no decrease in performance when it is full. But 100% usage and being full is not the same thing. The rest of the ram/vram would be cached files and it won't tell you. That shared amount usage is pre-cached files in case what's already cached is not what you need, it can somewhat quickly move it out of ram and into vram instead from storage to vram. If your system needs to use that as ram and not for vram cache, system ram will take priority and use it.



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