Sharing a folder across a domain server and workgroup


May 7, 2012
i have been trying share a folder across the network but with a lot of difficulty. the folder is on a server 2008R2 on one domain while the work stations are on a work group. how do i get the work station to access the shared folder without any password issues.
If they are part of the same network (IP range), just map the shared folder given the proper usernames and passwords. Either add the local user accounts on the workstation PCs to the security for the share, or use the domain accounts to access the files by adding domainname\ to the usernames when connecting.

Don't know what you mean by "password issues" exactly.

If you want them all to be able to access the files, give rights to "Everyone" to the directory and share.
Jul 29, 2019
active guest local user on server
Start -> Run -> "gpedit.msc" <enter> -> Computer Configuration -> Windows Settings

Security Settings -> Local Policies -> User Rights Assignment

Doube click "Access this computer from the network" and check that EVERYONE is added to the list. If not add it.

on client : gpedit.msc > Computer configuration > Administration Template > Network > Lanman Workstation > (enable insecure guest logons)