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Question Sharing PC Internet to Wifi Router


Nov 2, 2017
My laptop is connected to my University WiFi via my laptop's inbuilt wifi adapter. I would like to share that internet to my D-Link 2750U router via LAN which can then provide wireless network to my other devices. Is there a way I can do this? I also need to unblock some ports for playing multiplayer games. Can someone give me a detailed explanation as I am very new with networking.
You have to remember that you laptop is not designed to be a router so it will do a rather poor job of it. You have to be very careful what you run on your laptop to not impact the other traffic passing through it.

It is not real simple when you want to hook a second router to the lan port. Start by hooking up a single device and getting that working.

Your best bet is to go to microsoft site and read their documents on ICS. There is not much better description and if you can't get it done with that then maybe you should just pay someone to help you.