Sharing wired connection over wireless.


Nov 19, 2009
I am looking to get a wireless card (possibly?) to share my wired desktop connection for my tablet, laptop and phone and xbox 360 slim. A wireless router would seem the obvious solution but the accommodation I have at uni charges £15.00 just to allow a router to be used.

I don't really know much about networks so could some one recommend a card that would add the function of a wireless router to my desktop.



AFAIK PC wireless cards only setup in ad hoc mode and will not act as a wireless AP point, although a few motherboards have that built in capability.

What will work is install a second NIC in the desktop, attach it to a wireless router for your internal network, and then bridge the internal network to the Internet connection:

Open Network and Sharing Center, select change adapter settings, right click on the Internet connected network and control click on the second network, then right click and select bridge network.

First, of course you should check and see that this doesn't violate your University policy about routers, and that the charge is for router rental or whatever.