Question Sharkoon TG4 control fan speed

Mar 14, 2022

I have a Sharkoon TG4 case in which are 4 aRGB fans. I think the fans are running on their maximum because of the sound they make. Each fan has a power cable and a cable for aRGB. At the moment I have them connected as below:

Through this I can change the RGB colors through the physical button on the case. I connected the fans with molex-connectors to the power supply. Option 2 is to connect the fans as below, through which you can change the RGB colors through the motherboard:

My question is: If I connect them based on option 2, am I then able to change the fan speeds through the motherboard? Because if I go to BIOS right now and I want to control the fans, I only see the CPU fan. The case fans show 0 RPM because they are not connected to the motherboard..

My motherboard: PRO B660M-A WIFI DDR4

Thanks in advance
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this hub is only for LED control.
only the fan's aRGB cables are connected to it.
there is nothing related to fan power or RPMs related to this hub.

if the fans have a separate power/RPM cable you will need to determine what type of cable that is and where those cables are connected.