Sharp LC-70TQ15U, all of a sudden vertical block, what causes this

May 4, 2019
Sharp LC-70TQ15U
What i think has happened is this. over time me working to reach behind the tv to push wires into the tv stand back and pushing the tv crooked has caused this. Why do i think this ? For now simply pushing the tv on its left side ( where the vertical block is) back a bit gets rid of the block/ lines entirely for a long time actually.
I have not taken apart the tv back yet. Not sure if its a feature of the tv stand to allow the tv to lean forward btw. But this fact alongside with my body pushing tv frame crooked has made a cable loose.
My question is. At the bottom back of the tv are there ribbon cables or tcon cables that i may have either jostled out of place and or bent ?
I appreciate your time reading this and even if your response is a simple one to focus on. I will appreciate that very much
Thank you