Sep 17, 2001
I have just purchased a Radeon 9600 after using Geforce 5600FX. All the existing Nvidia drivers have been removed. When I installed the ATI card and used the latest Catalyst 3.8 drivers, all seemed O.K until I changed my screen resolution to 1152x864 and set the Monitor refresh rate to 75Hz. It was then that I noticed that any text that is on the screen appears to shimmer. I have since played with the refresh rate setting and it stills shimmers. If I put it back to 1024x768 resoultion the text stops shimmering. I have never experienced this with the FX card. My setup is an Athlon XP2400,1Gig PC2700 DDR, 120Gig Maxtor HDD, Epox EP8RDA+ Mobo - With Latest BIOS,Win 2K (SP4) and my screen is an LG FLatron 775FT 17" monitor. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I could do? Thanks in Advance.


Jun 16, 2002
This sounds like a monitor problem to me, Graphics cards usually arent picky about which res they display on. If this res wasnt an issue with your GF FX, is the monitor cable plugged in correctly (may sound weird, but this could be a problem)?

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