Question short circuit laptop

Jan 16, 2021
hello, a year ago i short circuited my laptop while trying to open up to replace thermal paste and i dropped my screwdriver on the motherboard. it wasnt booting no image no sound, i went to the local repair and they made it work again but nvidia gpu wasnt working. ive been using with intel onboard gpu but i need more power for my education and i can not afford new computer. i asked some places and they said it would be worthless/too much effort to replace gpu chipset.
what am i asking is it possible that gpu chip not dead and maybe some resistors or something cheap burned that powers gpu so i can find it with multimeter and replace.
i dropped my screwdriver close to the gpu and little bit smoke came out from. i assume they changed what burnt so it boots now but yeah is there a chance they missed
currently i cant see my gtx1050ti in device manager also cant install its driver. i really nead help
Jul 2, 2020
Yes sure, I am not a native speaker so I may use some wrong expressions.
Every Mainboard has different power lanes. One off them ist the main one. It starts from the power plug (USB C port for example) an goes through the laptop delivering power to the components. Usually you have 19 volts at the power input, an something about 7.x at the battery. And then there are some lanes that go to your GPU. You can use your multimeter to check if there is enough power running through.
There are some youtube videos out there that show how this can be done.

One side note: I am NOT an expert, still learning this stuff. And I wouldn't recommend doing it if you don't know how danger electricity can be!