[SOLVED] Short circuited main board of a monitor


Feb 21, 2020
Hi, I have a monitor with a short circuit mesured on an inductor near the cable going into the panel (i think it is power for the display) and voltage on it is only one volt.
I don't know what voltage it shoud have but it seems a bit too low to me.
Second short is partial (only shows when the monitor is powered on) on the five volt line (I think it's a five volt line).

The monitor is a ViewSonic VX2880 and when I turn it on the sound and backlight work but I don't get an immage. Is the board salvageable (any ideas where the short is?) or do I need to get a new one?
Sounds like the board is gone, but luckily for you and unlike most brands, viewsonic sells monitor parts so you can repair your own stuff.

You'll most likely have to call them to get the specific part but it's also best you ask them about this issue as they'll be able to properly inform you what the cause is and what board you may need if you do need one.