Question Short Connection Drops on PC only

Mar 19, 2019
I'm having a weird issue on my PC (doesn't happen on any other device on the network) where the connection from the PC to the router will randomly drop for no more than a couple seconds, then reconnect. This occurs about once every hour, hour and a half. Given that it seems to be a random event, I can't tell what's causing it happen.

I'm connecting via WiFi (ethernet isn't really an option for me) and the adapter I use is the ASUS PCE-AC51.

I've tried reinstalling the drivers for the adapter but to no avail.

I should also note that this happens on both 2.4ghz and 5ghz frequencies.
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Unfortunately with wifi this can be a common thing. Most times it is interference but when you have it happen on 2 different radio bands it is not as likely.

You are extremely limited on what you can do with wifi. The government has forced the chipset providers to restrict what you can do to avoid interfering outside of the wifi radio bands.

Your only real options are on the router side. You can try other radio channels both in the 2.4g and 5g bands. Problem is the new technology make this not real useful. Current radios use 2/3 of the radio bandwidth on the 2.4g band so there is no way to select channels that do not overlap someone else. On the 5g band you need 80mhz of blocks of 4 20mhz channels. There are only 2 of these and some of the tri-band routers have 2 5g radios and use both. So you could have a neighbor using all the available bandwidth.

So changing the radio channels is not real effective anymore. You could try to set the channel width back to 20mhz which you might get lucky and find a less used channel but you will cut your top speed a lot.

You have tried the only other options which is to update your drivers.

Not sure at some point you have to try a different card and hope it was bad hardware. Asus makes quality product so it is not as common to get defective stuff but it does happen.