Question Short Game Audio Drop Outs (Motherboard and GPU Audio)


Mar 17, 2013
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I have an ongoing problem with my PC where the game audio will drop out every so often for around a second or two then come back as if nothing happened. Sometimes the pause or loss of audio is very brief sometimes it is longer but usually always in the range of 1-2 seconds. It can happen in any kind of game including 2D ones that don’t stress the system (or at least not the GPU). It is not one specific game I have tried multiple games. The problem typically doesn't start happen immediately, but typically after the first 10-20 minutes or so leading me to wonder if something is overheating, but then it happens on non-demanding games and my temperatures are reasonably low.

As the PC I was having this issue with resides in the living room and is used as a HTPC, I initially believed the issue to be with the graphics card as I was using HDMI audio into my receiver (Yamaha RX-V377 to my TV) or something in the HDMI chain. Well I think I have conclusively proved it isn’t, as I have tried different HDMI cables, I have tried connecting directly to TV HDMI and have tried different ports on the TV/Receiver. I have also tried, in addition to my GTX980TI, a GTX1070 and even an AMD RX480 (in case the issue was Nvidia related). All three GPUs had the exact same problem.

I then tried ignoring the GPU HDMI audio and running a 3.5mm lead straight from the motherboard’s 3.5mm jack to my receiver and it STILL gave the exact same problem!

I am at a real loss with this. The system seems otherwise perfectly stable, I have run stress tests on all parts, which it passes no problem.

I would be extremely grateful for any advice you can give.

System Specs:
AMD Ryzen 2600 (Hex Core 12 Thread)
32GB Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR4 2400MHZ (4x8GB)
Gigabyte G1 Gaming 980TI 6GB
Corsair CX850M 850 Watt PSU
Mushkin Scorpion Deluxe 1.92TB PCIE SSD
Windows 10 Professional (latest update)
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