Question short press on off switch


Aug 21, 2018
hi guys! question, i have an electric scooter, the switch is strange in that i have to press it for a few seconds to turn it on and then a few seconds more to turn it off. Anyway the switch got damaged and needs replacing. My question is which kind of button do i use to replace the original one. is it a latching switch or a momentary push switch.

it works when i connect the two pins with a piece of wire for a few seconds.
not sure if it makes a difference but it's a 12V unit.

I can't post a photo of the original button as it got misplaced by my mother. (playing the blame game)
I would love to hear from someone who knows what I'm talking about.

let me know if you need anymore info.


Yes, that is a very simple momentary-on switch, "Normally Open" - that is, the contacts are OPEN when you are NOT pressing it. It is springy so that you must push to to close contacts, and they will open again immediately when you stop pushing. Same as a common doorbell pushbutton. It appears that there are only TWO wires that connect to it, so it is called "single pole" - there is only ONE pair of contacts in it.

The requirement to hold it for a few seconds is done by the software system the switch is connected to - this is NOT a feature of the switch itself.