Short temp spikes when clock speed spikes.

Jun Park

Nov 17, 2014
I had been using intel 5930k with turbo off @ 3.5Ghz for 1 year...And I recently overclocked it to 4.4 (1.3v) to add smoothness to a CPU demanding MMORPG. It passed stress test so it's stable.

However, I soon realized that when clock speed quickly rise from idle to full load, the core temperature will spike to around 90C (194F) and come down to 55C (131 F) in 2 seconds.

I am guessing all overclockers are experiencing the same problem because it is due to sudden increase of clock that heat is not dissipated quickly enough. However, I find difficult to find any solution to this.

So, I was scared of damaging my CPU if this happens 24/7...
I am currently using 4.0 GHz at with no additional voltage to cores... to avoid temp spikes.
Please help me with possible solutions!

I was thinking of limiting increment of clock speed per time unit.
(Ex. Clock speed cannot increase more than 1Ghz per second)
But, I have no idea how to achieve this.



Aug 21, 2015
Temp spikes are totally normal. Every once in a while I'll get a really strange temp spike that is just crazy like HWmonitor will measure a 150C temp spike but like you have stated its is a one second spike. Now those extreme temp spikes that are uncommon could simply be a software glitch, whereas you are experiencing this more often.

You are correct that the spikes are due to the increased clock and heat sink (and fans) compensating to dissipate the increased heat. Really it isn't anything to worry about as long as within a couple seconds you go back to normal temperatures. If it really bothers you the only thing that would really "solve" the issue is to either set a more aggressive custom fan curve or get a better aftermarket cooler. I've personally had great results with the NH-D15S (I have 3 fans - the stock fan and 2x Delta 3400rpm fans all in a push pull configuration and it has the same cooling as a H100i GTX water cooler. The dual tower heat sinks will help dissipate the spiking heat levels better and you won't have such high temp spikes.

Really though a couple second 90C temp spike shouldn't be enough to damage your CPU. Intel processors have higher thermal max and while a sustained 90C is less than ideal, and could potentially cause issues, but a couple second spike to 90C is really nothing to worry about.