Shorted RGB Header Motherboard

Sep 20, 2018
Hello everyone,

So let's get this out of the way, i know i did a very idiotic thing, i was simply not thinking while i did this.

To put it simply, i build a rig with a new b 360-f strix motherboard and everything was going fine, i also got a new aio watercooler (coolermaster liquid 240 rgb) and when i finish building, the cable connecting to the rgb header of the motherboard was bending the pins a bit, so, smart me, without thinking while the computer was on, picked up my screw driver, and tried to bend the last pin into poisition, making it straight, because it was a bit bent.. as soon as i touched the pin header, my pc shutdown, and rebooted.

As soon as it shutdown i realised how retarded i was, my heart sunk.. did i just destroy a 1.3k pc out of me being a dumbass? well.. i no longer have a functional BLUE color , but red and green work fine.

The computer restarted, like i said, played some games, benchmarked on it, and it seems to be running well.
For the next week i have been playing witcher 3 on it, performance wise its working pretty good, same for temperatures and also benchmarked both gpu and cpu, everything is stable.

there was no spark or smoke, and nothing seems burned or damage on the motherboard, well atleast from the front, i never checked the back, since is covered.

My question is, should i RMA the board ?, i dont really mind losing the blue color, i was only using green anyway. Do you think i might have damage anything else ? should i continue to use the board?

Also, if its not much to ask, can someone explain what happend ? does the motherboard have some sort of short circuit protection ?

Thanks in advance! :)


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