Question Shorted the CMOS with everything plugged in. Please advise.

Apr 23, 2020
My name is Ben and this is my first PC build. Im doing it for a friend. I have run into an issue. So I...
  1. Plugged everything in properly 2. Shorted the CMOS a few times for three seconds to turn it on (oops) 3. Shorted the power-button to turn it on and the fans started spinning but nothing on the monitor. 4. took out a ram stick and tried again 5. examined my CPU which showed no signs of damage and tried again (unfortunately I may have caused myself more problems here because I took it out without unplugging the powered off psu) 6. tried a hard reset by taking the battery out for 5 mins and shorting the power button for 30 seconds and tried again.
Bottom line is that The cpu gpu and psu fans start spinning when I short the power button but nothing shows up on the monitor
This is the build sitting on my desk all plugged in out of the case on-top of a motherboard box:
Gigabyte 1650super
AsRock B365M-HDV
Corsair CV450 PSU
Stock cpu cooler
2x4 8gb Viper ddr4 2666mhz
San Disk Ultra II 480gb SSD
intel optiplex optical drive with the AsRock disc inside that came with the MB
Working dell monitor with HDMI cable
So ive tried everything suggested here
I have a system speaker from the dell optiplex im using as a case. It has the wrong connector though so I could strip the wires and connect them to the right connections if that is advised.
I have not tried a DVI or VGA cable with my monitor
The only other thing I can think of as being an issue is an accidental static release. I find this extremely unlikely because ive made sure to discharge on the plugged in PSU every time i touch a component and ive been pretty good about only toughing the edges and using my homemade anti-static wristband (a paper clip and alligator clip attached to my watchband and the plugged in PSU)