Question Should I add a radiator cooler in my build


Temps at idle are meaningless to anything except airflow. Especially with a Ryzen. 41C is actually pretty decent for idle temps. At a minimum, it's Very normal or slightly better.

Load temps are a totally different story. If just gaming, and really not getting good boosts from the cpu because temps are always in the 80's, then you need something better. Better does not mean liquid cooling, better means better than what you have.

Better means a cooler able to pull those boost temps down towards 50ish, which will enable the cpu to boost more fully and settle for mid-high 60's instead.

How good of a cooler will depend on your budget. $30-$60 gets you a decent air cooler, $60-$90 gets you a great aircooler or a liquid cooler equitable to the $30-$60 aircoolers. A good liquid cooler will be $100 ± on average.
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