Question Should i add another exhaust fan?

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Glad to hear. Thats not to say that pre-builts are all the same just there are some that are meh and then those like CyberPower or iBuyPower.

There are really good ones but they are considered Boutique builders as they build each one to order using pretty premium parts and cost quite a bit. Companies such as Falcon North West or Puget. I would say Alienware but since they are owned by dell they fall a bit and they also like to be proprietary making upgrades and fixes much harder or expensive.

I wish you luck on building your new system Remember we are here to help if you need.
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LTT tested 5 premades a few months ago and after all of it, HP (yes, HP) had the best offer. Alienware uses proprietary parts, the motherboards might need adapters to be attached to PSU, for instance.

Its even harder in Australia, we don't even have the luxury of Cyberpower or Ibuypower and some of the builds I have seen being sold in last few months makes me think I been really lucky with the places I have got PC made in. I guess I do get to choose every part so no unwanted discoveries after purchase, I always research every part.

It makes me mad that people that don't know any better get taken for rides by PC makers.