[SOLVED] Should I be able to play Black Desert Online in remastered without issues with this spec?

Aug 9, 2019
Like the title says, my spec:

CPU - i5 4690k @4300Ghz

RAM - 16 GB DD3 @2133Mhz

Storage - 2x SSD

GPU - Vega 56 Red Dragon

PSU - EVGA Supernova 650+ Gold

Monitor - 75Hz / 4ms Response Time 1920 x 1080 Full HD

On very high settings everything is perfect even at nws, in the city etc +70 fps.

On remastered even though Fraps shows more than 60 fps, it doesn`t feel like it, its stuttering, annoying, not fluid, am I asking too much?

Also when I open the map and close it in game, I can hear a buzzing from my GPU which is really really weird.

If anyone has similar specs to mine or any ideea if I can do anything to solve things on remastered I would really like to hear it.Thanks.
Of course you can.
The stuttering is probably due to only 4 threads, I will say limit fps a little and see if it helps, or you may try OC more if cooler is good.