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Question Should I bother upgrading?

Jun 2, 2020
I am wondering if I should bother upgrading my 6 year old build. The gpu is my glaring issue. Would it be worth it to throw something like a 2070 in it? And replace the hdd?

MB - Asus Z87 pro
CPU - i7 4770k
RAM - Corsair 16 gb ddr3 1600
PSU - Seasonic 760w
SSD - 240 GB
HDD 1- 1TB


Nov 1, 2019
Depends on resolution, if your using 1080p maybe even 1440 I don’t think your gonna be fully utilizing a 2070. However if you plan on doing a full upgrade relatively soon in the future then I’d go for it. If your not gonna be upgrading your system for atleast another year or two I’d get something like a used 1070 and wait till then to get whatever new gpus we have then so everything will be current
Jun 2, 2020
Yea I was going to pair it with a nice new monitor and hopefully make a quick fix before my hand surgery. A 1070 might be a good idea for a bandaid solution though.
Most 4770K CPUs can hit 4.5GHz on all cores without increasing the voltage much/any over stock. Anything below 1.25V is perfectly fine.

Depending on whether your Mobo is currently cheating by enabling Multi-Core Enhancement (MCE) and running all cores at the single core max frequency of 3.9GHz, or if its sticking to "stock" 3.7GHz all-core, you're looking at roughly a 20% performance boost by OCing to 4.5GHz.


Depends on the game and your expectations of details.

I play Starwars: the Old Republic. For single player, there's no worries at 1080p, game capped at 90fps ultra settings on a i7-3770k @ 4.6GHz and gtx970 OC 128%. 8man team is no issues there either, still above 60fps. 16man and fights get laggy with the sheer overload of AI and post processing, have to drop to medium low, and it's still glitchy in some massive fights. 24man boss fights are almost non playable. There are definite drops to 5-10fps at lowest possible settings, average fps is 15-20. It jerks constantly when bouncing in/out that last 500Mb on that card.

And that's a 7 year old game. Any multi-player game will be similar, all the benchmarks you find are single player where fps is usually cpu limited on the bigger cards. So the really intense multi-player games are going to be brutal, a lot more so than any single player bench will show.

A 2070 overkill for 1080p? Not really at all. There's many times when even 1080p can tax a 2080ti. It's all dependent on the game.



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