Question Should I build a Server or get a NAS to store data for a video game developement company?


Mar 12, 2010

I'm setting up my office for a video game development company and I'm confused whether I should get a NAS to store and access Assets like Textures, Models etc. or should I get a server built?

The purpose would only be storage on a LAN, but yeah people may end up not copying the data to their workstations at time (though I would remind them to).
After the artists have finished the work they would be required to copy it back to the central storage.

For this type of workflow would a NAS be sufficient or should I invest in a server?

Thanks for the help!
You’re going to want some servers to run your source control like Git and other things your people will need

do you think people can just copy things back-and-forth you’re going to lose lots of data as people Overwrite each other’s changes. Therefore you wanna set up git to store all of your source code and your images and everything else and have one central place that can be backed up.

And you had better follow the 3 2 1 backup method whereby you have three copies of your data. one preferably in the cloud and two on different media

Video game company or any company you’re going to need a lot of infrastructure. it’s not just a question of getting a Nas or a server