should i buy a backplate for my zalman cooler


Oct 30, 2007

so a long time ago i bought a zalman cnps7000b-cu cooler for my socket 939 processor. recently i upgraded to a socket 775 proc and i found out i could actually use my old zalman cooler with the help of the ZM-CS1 adapter.

so i bought the adapter, installed it, it works great. but recently i was browsing newegg and found a cooler that looks very similar to mine, and it comes with a backplate for the 775 socket.

so my question is, do you think i should go buy a backplate? the adapter i bought did not come with a backplate for the socket 775 but when i bought my cooler originally it came with a backplate for the socket 939 installation.

it seems secure, but what do you guys think?

info about my cooler

info about adapter

info about cnps7700-cu


Sep 17, 2008
random thoughts:

1. if it works, there's no need to change anything.

2. the biggest issue with mounting type is pressure. screw-through backplate gives the most consistent pressure, but am2 clips can be better (although this should be used with a backplate anyway...the issues with intel chips and am2 clips is the quality of the ring mount. never use a pushpin ring mount with am2 clips. actually, never use pushpins. some users have reported pushpins popping out and frying their chips, which is much more severe than just lack of pressure.)

more info about pressure:

3. if you are going to go through the trouble of removing your motherboard, why not get an updated design? here's a little buyer's guide i made:

I got the sunbeamtech core contact freezer (largest fin surface area for that design) and i'm still testing atm, but right now i'm getting:
0-1C over ambient idle (1.06v)
14C over ambient load (1.33v, 165w)