Should I buy a GTX 1080 or wait for the RTX 1070 to come out instead?

Sep 3, 2018
I am currently lining up a build with a Core i7 8700k and 16 GB of ram. Until today, I had planned to purchase an Asus ROG Strix GTX 1080 GPU, until I discovered Nvidia had unveiled the RTX 2070, 2080, and 2080 ti. The only card in the new lineup that is in my price range is the RTX 2070, and so I was wondering whether it would be better to wait for the new RTX 2070 FE or to stick with the Strix 1080. Which one is faster? I am planning to build in early January.

You might need to wait around 2 weeks for reviews to be posted since those GPUs have not been released yet.
But I could bet that the new RTX 2070 won't be that much faster than a GTX 1080.
You might be able to score a GTX 1080 ti at discounted prices and I would get that...unless you just want to have the latest GPU or you are a content creator where Ray Tracing could be more relevant at the moment.



Dream for now, but don't get into details until december, prices will change, up and down, between now and then, so there's no point in doing a detailed build yet. Id you use partpicker, whilst it will update the prices to current prices it won't tell you if there are different things that are cheaper. So if you pick a particular SSD/GPU/MOBO there might be something that is nearly identical that you would have otherwise picked, but was more expensive, it may now be cheaper.
By January, you will know which is better.

You will also have 9th gen cpu options which will be better than the 8700K.

I have a hunch that if you snag a GTX1080ti at current depressed prices you will be very happy.