Question Should I buy a SSD without DRAM?

Jul 20, 2019
Hello everyone,

I am currently using my Dell Inspiron 1464 (2011) laptop and I wish to upgrade my storage. I am planning to remove the optical drive and replace it with a SSD inside a SATA caddy. I have few confusions though.

1. I am planning to buy Crucial BX500 480GB ssd, which is DRAM-less. I know that its performance will be slower than mainstream SSDs. However, my laptop has SATA II (3 Gb/s) interface, which will bottleneck full potential of ssd. So, it doesn't matter if I bought a budget ssd or a mainstream ssd 'cause they will be bottlenecked by the SATA interface, right?

2. Will using a caddy an efficient way to increase my performance, or will it further bottleneck my SSD? This is important because I am planning to use it as a boot drive as my HDD takes a long time to boot up.

Guys, please help me out because I am low on budget & I really need a good advice.
If laptop is indeed data II, ya no need to spend the money.

A caddy is a mechanical thing, is a mounting thing, u can potentially duct tape that SSD and it will work the same, caddy though probably provides optimal ventilation.