Should i buy an SSD?


Jun 9, 2011
hello everyone,

Well as the title says i am thinking on upgrading my ram to 8gb,here is the reason,

I mostly play MMORPG games and atm i am back at lineage 2 ,i dont really know if any of u know the game or anything specific about it.
Amt i am running with:

Intel E8500 3.16mhz
OCZ DDR2 PC2-6400 GOLD GX XTC DUAL CHANNEL *EOL 4x1gb (i dont really know why i bought 4x1gb ram when i made the pc back in 2008 but thats not the point atm xD)
ASUS P5Q-E motheboard
x2 320gb hard drives connected with raid 0.
I have 400GB out of 640gb free on the hdd.
Windows 7 ultimate 64bit.
I onlso use 24inch screen but i play on window mode.
Shadows ,shaders etc all those are off.

Now from what i know about MMORPG's is that the faster read spead on the hdd the faster it should run(loading screens etc),

Lineage 2 HDD vs SSD

atm i have 95-100mb/s read speed with the raid my gaming expirience is excacly as shown on the videon on the HDD part and so i thought i should buy an SSD(the Corsair 60GB Force 3 CSSD-F60GB3A Solid State Drive SATA SSD 2.5) and i will get around 180-190 mb/sec because my mobo only supports sata II

i was also wondering do u think going from 4x1gb to 8gb ram will make any kind of difference and is it a big difference between 800MHZ and 1066MHZ for DDR2 ram's?

The upgrade isnt just for this specific game , its just that i was thinking of going for it for quite some time now and i just dont think it will worth it.

Thanks in advance.


A 60 GB SSD is not big enough. 120 GB is the minimum for a gaming Rig.

Upgrading to 8 GB of RAM will do nothing for gaming. 4 GB is more than enough. Bigger RAM sizes are useful for some Video Editing tasks and using RAM Disk.

A 120 GB SSD will make a noticeable difference to your day to day computing. Any other improvements will be found by upgrading your CPU and and Motherboard.