Should I buy another GTX 470 or a GTX 560ti?

The Oscillat0r

Aug 5, 2011
I'm trying to figure out what I want to do right now. I have a GTX 470 (w/Zalman VF3000F overclocked at 809/917/1618). It has served me well, but after crashing during the Battlefield 3 beta among other things such as Heaven Benchmark, I have to wonder. Should I upgrade? Before now, my overclock was very smooth at 829/937/1658, but now I am wondering if I went too far. I can't really test too much, since I am locked out of Steam right now. Is there another way to test for stability?

I am looking at the 2GB GTX 560ti right now and am wondering if it's a good choice ($270). If I got that, I would no doubt buy another once NVIDIA releases the 600 series down the line. I probably wouldn't overclock again, since I am not sure if I ruined a once $350 card in such a short amount of time. If my 470 is actually fine, then I would try to sell it since they go for about $170 on ebay.

In short, SLI the GTX 470 or the GTX 560ti (2GB)?
If you did the job right when you swapped coolers then it should be ok but go ahead and scale back a little more. One thing you should do when it comes to overclocking never max out your cards for an extended period of time but find a good overclock that isn't going to degrade your cards. A gtx 560ti can come close to a gtx 570 but only when overclocked close to 1ghz. Only bother with one that has the mid plate.