Question Should I buy DDR4 memory?


Apr 11, 2018
So right now, I have an I5-4690k, with 16 gigs of DDR3 ram in my computer, paired with a GTX 1060. Im not upgrading anytime soon, however I definitely will at some point. My birthday is coming up and I usually ask my wife for PC parts. There is a special right now, where I could get 16 gigs DDR4 viper ram for not very expensive. Should i get this, and just leave in the box until I am ready to upgrade the rest of my PC, or would it be smarter to wait, since DDR5 might be coming out soon? Also, If I do upgrade, what would be a good CPU upgrade. I definitely am not going to spend $800 on an i9-9900k, but is it really worthwhile to upgrade to something like the i5-8400?

TJ Hooker

Are you dissatisfied with the performance you're currently getting from your 4690K? If not, have you overclocked it?

The price of RAM has been steadily dropping for the last while, I'm sure you'll see other good sales on DDR4 in the future.
DDR5 is a long ways away and depending on how long it is going to be until you are able to do a viable upgrade it may turn out to be a waste of an opportunity you can use on something else

the I5 8400 would still be a good entry level gaming CPU plus you would be able to upgrade to an i5 or i7 8th or 9th gen CPU with a build like that in the future too