Question Should I buy five SSD hard drives or one M2 SSD drive?

Silicon Power

Apr 11, 2017
Hey guys. I'm going to buy 5 PC system and connect them to my main PC/Server with lane cables ... But I have no idea should I buy a sata ssd for each PC or it''s better if I buy an expensive M2 and install on the main PC/Server and then connect other pc to it?
Not to shatter any dreams of rapid data transfers, but...networked systems' data transfers (with 99% of most folks on the 1 GbE standard, anyway) are often limited to ~113 MB/sec transfers anyway.... (although your description of what you think you are going to achieve or accomplish sounds...vague and possibly confusing (or confused).

'LAN' stands for Local Area Network....

M.2 is the form factor, aand alone does not denote NVME, as they can be standard SATA or NVME...and even the faster NVME is not all that expensive anymore...

We've had USAF recce airplanes with all workstations running diskless, running custom SE Redhat Enterprise 6.0, booting from network from 10 GbE connected FAS 2240s, etc...but I doubt this is what is envisioned above. (Not sure anyone could speculate the vision or goal from the facts given) :)
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