Question Should I buy Intel "F" series Processor or the simple one will work

Feb 20, 2023
I am on budget is it worth buying "F" one as i already have a graphics card so display is not an issue

As for specifics i am looking between

Intel Core i5-11400 AND Intel Core i5-11400F

For anyone entrusted i am buying from here
Integrated graphics can be helpful in many situations even if you have GPU. It is much better have it and don't need it rather then not have it when you need one. And there are cases where no amount of spare GPUs will save you while integrated graphics can (like famous Gigabyte boards Secure Boot lock).


Nov 30, 2021
I would say it depends on your situation. I have experience and spare 730, 1050 Ti and 1660 cards. I buy the cheapest version, often K or F or KF CPU's. It is mostly, to me, a comfort and parts ability issue.
Integrated graphics can save the day if you have a psu failure.
It happened to me.
My psu failed, and I did have a spare psu, but it was not strong enough to run my graphics card.
I used the integrated graphics until a replacement psu could be shipped.
FWIW normal desktop work and simple gaming performed well.

Is there any negative to having integrated graphics??
Only the $25 or so extra you pay for it.