Should I buy Router or Access Point?

acs wse

Jun 26, 2012
You need a repeater, not a router/AP. Some routers can be reconfigured as repeaters, but I don't see anything on the Amazon site that suggests this router is one of them (might want to check the specs at the manufacturer’s website to confirm).

OTOH, this router supports dd-wrt (third party firmware), at least versions 1.0, 2.0 and 4.0. And dd-wrt does support repeater mode. So as long as you're willing to consider dd-wrt, and receive one of these versions, yes, it would work.

Regarding your PS3 and desktop and using a repeater, you can plug them into the repeater’s switch if you wish. But of course, most ppl place the repeater somewhere between their primary router and the wireless clients that use it. Whether that’s a practical solution for your wired devices is something you’ll have to decide.