Question Should I buy the MSI Z390 Godlike motherboard for $600 to try to get the 4500Mhz Speeds advertised on my DDR4 Memory Ram?


Mar 17, 2016
Hello all,
This is my current motherboard:

It says that it supports up to 4500Mhz OC Memory Ram so I bought this Corsair Kit:

With only 2 of these memory sticks inserted in the optimal memory slot 2 and 4 of the motherboard, I can only achieve a stable speed of 4400Mhz. Later I bought another one of these 4500Mhz memory kits and now I have 4 of these memory sticks. However, with all 4 of the same model sticks inserted together, I can only achieve a stable memory speed of 4100Mhz without my games/PC crashing.

I am wondering if I buy the best/most expensive Z390 motherboard available, will I achieve the rated speed of 4500Mhz on all 4 of my memory ram sticks inserted together: godlike&cm_re=z390_godlike-_-13-144-209-_-Product

The MSI Z390 Godlike motherboard is the only Z390 motherboard that is rated up to 4600Mhz speed of memory ram. My original MOBO says that it is rated at up to 4500Mhz but I simply cannot achieve this. Do you guys think with the Z390 GODLIKE's higher memory speed support, that I can finally achieve my memory ram's highest clock speed of 4500Mhz all-4 sticks-together?
Memory controller is in the CPU. If that's the limiting factor then swapping motherboards isn't going to help much. And as said above, combining separate kits makes it even more iffy. Also, in general 4 sticks is harder to run that 2.

Going beyond 16 GB provides no benefit for gaming. Running 4500 MHz RAM isn't really going to make a noticeable difference either, compared to a more reasonable speed like ~3000 MHz.
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"Supports DDR4 Memory, up to 4500(OC) MHz" You seem to be ignoring the "OC" part of this statement. It stands for "OverClocking". By definition, overclocking is working beyond the guaranteed parameters of the motherboard and the success or failure of the attempt is going to be totally dependent on the specific motherboard and processor you are using, e.g. 4500 is NOT guaranteed.